Session Info 2013

The Blended Classroom

Presenter: Paul Murray

What is blended learning? How can this model help my students? What are some of the tools I can use? If you have ever asked these questions, this session will help you begin to process the possibilities of your Technology Enhanced Classroom.

Fun with Forms

Presenter: Jessica Winstanley

Google Forms offer endless possibilities for teachers.  Learn how to create self-grading quizzes, sign up sheets, surveys, book reviews, spelling tests, weekly reading record, guided reading record/daily five pensieve, assignment tracker, and more.  Come have fun with forms!


Google Chrome: Tips & Tricks from a Power User

Presenter: Dan Vomastek

Take your web experience to the next level!  Google Chrome offers a fast, highly customizable web experience regardless of the device you use. You'll learn how to sync bookmarks and other settings across devices, how to keep your work and personal life separate, use the Chrome web store and extensions to add functionality to the browser itself.  Dan will cover some of his favorite tricks as well.

Google Docs with Students

Presenter: Jeanna Walker/Sara Brown

Join us in this introductory class to the world of Google Docs. You will learn how to create, edit, share, and collaborate with Google Docs. We’ll explore ways to use Google Docs in the classroom and  ways for your students to collaborate.

Materials: Google Docs

Blended Learning with iTunesU

Presenter: Rick Searing

This session will help you become familiar with how to set up and administer a free iTunes U Course to work in connection with your classroom.  Participants will learn the basics about iTunes U and be able to start the development of an iTunes U course. 


Classroom Management E-Tools

Presenter: Jessica Winstanley

Every year we integrate more and more technology into our classrooms at PPS.  You may have figured out numerous tools that help with your curriculum, but what about the important component of classroom management?  Come explore some great e-tools to help motivate your students and encourage a productive learning environment.

Target Audience: Y5-5 Educators

DiscoveryEd: Not Just Videos

Presenter: Paul Murray

Discovery Education is not just United Streaming under a different name. Not only can you watch high quality content material, teachers can also create lessons to be used in a flipped or blended classroom. Additionally, with standardized testing going interactive and online, DE can help get students ready for that environment. This session will show you how to create a directed video lesson.

Blogging with Students

Presenter: Jeanna Walker/Sara Brown

Blogger: A web tool that allows anyone to self-publish by journaling, reflecting, posting and sharing ideas, photos, web links, and more.  In this introductory class to Google Blogger we will “demystify” the world of blogging as you will learn how to create and structure your own blog. You will walk away from this class with ideas on how to use blogs with your students.

Materials: Google Blogger

Digging the Data with Data Director

Presenter: Alyssa Medd/Stephanie Wagner

DataDirector is designed to help educators meet the needs of every student and improve student performance, DataDirector helps make sense of a huge range of data to provide longitudinal tracking and reporting of student assessment data, student demographic data, and program/event attendance, as well as professional development activities, paraprofessional activities, student grades and teacher data. We will cover online assessments vs the bubble-sheet assessments. Sharing assessments with colleagues, building assessment with the test bank feature, and feedback for students.

Tech Tools for Daily Five: The Electronic Pensieve and More!

Presenter: Jessica Winstanley

Have you ever wished you could quickly type in information to your pensieve while doing daily five?  Would you love to have a document that you could share with your team or principal to assist with communication on a student and their needs?  Learn some resources for teacher observations, listening to reading, work on writing, and more.

Target Audience: Y5-5 Educators

Teachers Portfolios with Google Sites

Presenter: Tara Heywood

Gone are the days of bulky binders stuffed with our teaching ideas and achievements, instead open your mind to creating an online portfolio.  This living document is a great way to store information, and show your administrators all of your contributions. 

Google+ Hangouts: Distance Collaboration

Presenter: Paul Murray

In this day and age, time is more valuable than ever before. Traveling from place to place can be a burden. Well, there's a solution...don't leave your classroom! Instead use Google+ Hangouts. Invite multiple people and see them all! Great for multiple classrooms speaking to the same author or presenter, too. You really need to attend this session! 

Free Online Tools to Spice Up Your Classroom

Presenter: Paul Murray

There are so many online tools out there, who would ever have the time to research them all. Tools to create videos, wordles, infographics, presentations and more. This session will give you a taste of a number of tools and some quick ideas on how you might begin to implement them into your classroom.

Chromebooks in the Classroom

Presenter: Todd Chappa

Infusing the NOW technology from a 1:1 framework of teaching will be offered during my session. Essentially, I will give you a little taste of my trials and tribulations along with the capabilities of these fine machines. Come with questions or problems and we can work it out! Chromebooks will be on hand to tinker with and explore. 

Animoto: Kickin' Up Presentations

Presenter: Jessica Winstanley

Do you have pictures of your class just sitting on your digital camera or U: drive taking up space, but not really being enjoyed by anyone?  Have you ever wanted to have your student create great photo movies to demonstrate their learning?  Are you looking for a way to create powerful videos with your photos, video clips and text that doesn't require a degree in movie production?  Come check out Animoto!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words, well come learn to make a statement with this great class.  You will learn the basics of building an Animoto video, as well as brainstorming project ideas for using this fun tool.  Check out the Animoto website at: www.animoto,com to learn more or check out this video to see a sample.

Target Audience: Y5-12 Educators (For students 3rd grade and up)

The Power of Gmail

Presenter: Shane DeRidder

Now that Portage Public Schools has "Gone Google," staff and students now share the same e-mail system, Google Mail (or G-Mail for short).  Whether you've used G-Mail for personal use, or you're completely new to it, this session has you covered. Discover the basics of G-Mail - changing G-Mail's look & feel, sending/receiving e-mail, contact management, labeling, searching, what to do with SPAM, and basic message filtering.